Find thermal image testing services in Akron, Warren or Youngstown, OH

Do you know if heat is escaping from your attic? Is your electrical wiring overloaded? Thermal imaging testing can help you find hidden problems in your home.

Thermal imaging can also help detect:

Pest intrusion
Plumbing leaks
Moisture issues

Rely on an inspection company that uses the latest technology to give you accurate information. Contact Citadel Property Inspections LLC today to schedule thermal imaging testing in Warren, Youngstown or Akron, OH.

Keep your home safe with moisture testing

If you live an older home, moisture can easily seep in near doors and windows. If unaddressed, this problem can lead to mold growth and serious structural issues. An easy way to check your home for moisture problems is with thermal imaging testing.

The experts at Citadel Property Inspections can inspect your home and identify any signs of moisture in your walls or flooring. Call 330-314-0810 today to speak with a thermal imaging professional. We serve clients in Akron, Youngstown and Warren, OH.