Choose us for thorough radon testing in Warren, Youngstown & Akron, OH

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that's caused by the decomposition of Uranium. This gas is odorless, tasteless and invisible, which makes it hard to detect unless you turn to a team of professionals. When it comes to your health, prolonged radon exposure is among the leading causes for lung cancer.

That's why Citadel Property Inspections LLC offers radon testing and radon reduction services in Warren, Youngstown and Akron, OH. We'll help you determine if your home's radon levels are too high. Learn all about our radon reduction process by reaching out to us today.

Why is radon harmful?

When it comes to potential hazards in your home, radon is one of the most dangerous. It can't be detected unless you install the proper equipment. Radon can transition into lead, which can collect in your attic, lightbulbs and windows. By performing radon testing, you'll be able to determine if you've been put at risk from radon exposure.

When you contact our team, we'll schedule a radon testing appointment. Our radon testing process includes:

  • Setting up a 48-hour monitor inside your home
  • Assessing the reports that were taken every hour from the monitor
  • Giving you an EPA average of the radon levels in the house

Feel at ease inside your home-set up an appointment today.