Federal Pacific Overloaded Breakers

  1. When a circuit breaker is overloaded or overheats, the breaker is designed to trip and shut off the power.
  2. If the breaker fails to trip, or shut off, electricity will still be supplied to the short circuit or overload and will lead to a fire hazard.
  3. Zinsco Panels have Significant Design Flaws
  4. Breakers may appear to be tripped or shut off, yet internally the panel is still energized.
  5. The bus bar that the breakers attach to corrodes easily.
  6. Many components of the panel contain aluminum.
  7. The connection between the bus bar and the beaker is not solid and can lead to overheating.

Zinsco Panels are Obsolete

  • Zinsco panels often fail to operate properly.
  • These panels may overheat and portions of them may melt.
  • In this situation, if the breaker melts to the bus bar of the panel it can no longer adequately trip in the event of a short circuit or an overload. This will allow an extreme amount of power to enter the home.
  • With no way to shut off the power, the electricity will burn until it runs out of fuel or the wires melt.
  • This will result in serious harm to the home and the occupants.

Electrical Panels May be a Safety Hazard

  1. Although Federal Pacific and Zinsco panels are the main concern, fuse style panels should also be replaced. They are often overloaded and typically cannot safely meet the demands of a modern home.
  2. Because of the design flaws of these panels, they pose a fire hazard, a safety hazard to the occupants, and a danger to equipment being powered by them.
  3. If your home or your future home has one of these panels ,they should be replaced by a qualified electrician.