• The average cost for repairs after a termite infestation is 3,000 dollars but could be much higher depending on what part of the home was damaged.
  • Identification and prevention are crucial in limiting the damage and repair expense.
  • Signs of WDI Damage

    1. Small holes in wood.
    2. "Shelter Tubes” leading from the underground nest to the wood or siding of the home.
    3. Saw dust like material under wood framing material.
    4. Discarded wings.
    5. Framing members that sound hollow or have tunnels in them.
    6. 1/4 to ½ inch size holes in siding or fascia boards.

    Conducive Conditions

    1. Soil in contact with wooden structure.
    2. Firewood stacked directly against the structure.
    3. Wood building material that is exposed meaning not painted or stained.
    4. Wood rot or excessive moisture
    5. Vegetation that is in contact with the siding.
    6. Footing too low or soil line to high.

    Maintenance and Prevention

    1. Keep shrubs and trees trimmed away from the house.
    2. Stack firewood away from the home.
    3. Regrade the soil to allow separation between the house and the soil.
    4. Paint or stain exposed wood.
    5. Periodically walk around the outside of the property looking for mud tubes, holes in the fascia boards, or any other unusual signs.